Central America Trip- March, 2011


During Spring Break this year, our family decided to take a trip to Central America- Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras mainly because we had heard really great things about it, but never gone before. They were definitely right because Central America is awesome. We had already been to Costa Rica twice, but never to the rest of Central America. Although we didn’t find as many herps (especially snakes) on the trip as I would have liked, it was still an awesome trip. The first place we went was Guatemala. Actually, we flew into Belize, but went straight to Guatemala. We drove to the hotel, and on the way saw tons of pigs, cows, and horses.

It wasn’t until the next day, though, that we started seeing wildlife. Right away, we saw some Howler Monkeys and Brown Basilisks at the hotel.

That morning, we went on a very long hike up a mountain, where we saw Rainbow Ameivas, Ghost Anoles, 2 huge black scorpions, and a baby iguana. I was hoping to get a snake on the hike, but as I later learned, Guatemala is a very hard place to find snakes.

After dinner, we went on a night hike, also hoping to find a snake, but all we found were a couple of Cane Toads :-(

In the morning, we were off to see the Tikal Ruins. On the way there, we saw this sign, which gave me some hope at finding a snake.

I was more interested in finding snakes there than the ruins, though. I flipped basically every log or rock in sight... nothing. We did see some cool Coatimundis, though!!!

I got my first herp of the day at a pond, where we spotted this Morelet’s Crocodile.

Also saw some more Howlers...

These Rosebelly Lizards were everywhere on the ruins.

I also managed to find a couple more Ghost Anoles on some trees around the ruins.

An agouti that was running around in the forests near the ruins.

This awesome woodpecker was the coolest bird we saw during the day (and it’s pretty cool).

As for the ruins, here are a couple pics of the Mayan Ruins that we saw.