Jordan- March, 2008


During our trip around the world, we went to Jordan. We went to Dana National Preserve, the Dead Sea, Jerash, and Petra. I didn’t think we would see much wildlife there, but it turned out to be one of the better wildlife places in Asia.

Dana National preserve:

A very cool scorpion flipped under a rock:

The first herp of the trip:

Starred Agama (Laudakia stellio):

Bosc's Lizard:

Sinai Agama (Pseudotrapelus sinaitus)

A failed attempt at catching an agama

Another Starred Agama:

Two skinks found at our hotel

Dead Sea:

Sadly no animals...

Wadi Rum:

me with a baby Starred Agama that after about 30 minutes of scrambling around boulders and climbing in holes, finally managed to grab:

Beetles were EVERYWHERE and we quickly built up a large collection of them (we let them go later):

Candles in the tent we stayed in:

the desert:

Another agama that we caught (and released).

A cliff:

Riding camels around the desert:


Another Starred Agama:

The “habitat”

The best herp we saw in Jordan:

Red Whip Snake (Platyceps collaris)

To see a video of it, go to: Red Whip Snake Video


We didn’t see any animals at Petra, but here are some pictures from there:


Wadi Rum

  1. Bosc's Lizard

  2. Starred Agama (not new)


  1. Small Spotted Lizard

Dana National Preserve, Jordan (2 new)

  1. Blue Sinai Agama (brown phase)

  2. Bosc's Lizard

  3. Rueppell's Snake-eyed Skink

  4. Starred Agama

Amman, Jordan

  1. Bridled Skink

Jerash, Jordan (5)

  1. Elegant Thin-toed Gecko

  2. Olivier's Lizard

  3. Red Whip Snake

  4. Spotted Fan-toed Gecko

  5. Starred Agama


  1. (Common) Blackbird

  2. Blue Rock Thrush

  3. Brown-necked Raven

  4. Common Kestrel

  5. Desert Lark

  6. Great Tit

  7. Hooded Wheatear

  8. Long-legged Buzzard

  9. Red-vented Bulbul